When your child enters their teenage years, you may find that communication becomes more of a challenge. Follow these five top tips to ensure you and your teen keep good communication as they continue to mature into adulthood.

1. Listen to Your Child’s Perspective

As an adult, it can be easy to think you know best. Children today go through very different experiences to ten or twenty years ago, so you need to take the time to learn about how they feel. Always listen to their perspective before you jump to conclusions about a situation. Your child will appreciate the attention you give them, even if you have to agree to disagree in the end.

2. Show That You Trust Your Teen

One of the biggest issues between parents and teenagers is a lack of trust. You’ll find that your relationship blossoms if you trust your teen. They’ll be much more likely to tell you the truth, even if they know they’ve done something wrong. It’s much better to know where your teenager is at all times, rather than have them sneaking around and lying to you about what they are doing.

3. Praise Your Teenager

Parents often spend so much time praising their kids when they are younger, but as they grow older, you might find you do this less than before. Even if your teenager acts like they are too cool to hear your praise, make sure you still share it. This will help to improve their self-esteem, which is something that many teenagers struggle with at this stage in their life.

4. Don’t Get Too Emotional

Parents often find it hard to watch the changes in their teenagers as they grow up. It’s easy to lose your temper, but instead of being rude or shouting, make sure you keep calm. You are the grown-up in this relationship, and you need to lead by example at all times. If you find yourself both shouting at each other, take some time out and revisit the situation later on in the day.

5. Set Time Aside to Chat

Families need to put time aside to catch up each week. Even as your lives get busier, make sure you sit down for family meals once or twice a week at a minimum. This will give you a chance to all relax and enjoy a good meal while catching up on what’s going on in each other’s lives. The less time you spend together as a family, the easier it will be to lose the bond which you’ve spent so many years building.

Raising a teenager is no easy task, but by keeping these top tips in mind, you’ll find that communication is improved between you and your teen. Remember, patience is something you’ll need a lot of when you are looking after a teenager, but in time, you’ll find that you build a loving and respectful relationship that will remain intact no matter what comes your way in life.