Are you struggling with the emotional pain of a breakup, dissolution and/or divorce? Are you struggling in your marriage and want to create a marital contract with your partner to build a successful, happy marriage? At times, these can all be too much to bear inside you, and the last thing you would need is the notion of others who are inexperienced in the situation. 

Although this can all be a little bit too much, you don’t have to go through it alone. I can help.

Not only have I seen what an emotional toll dissolution/divorce can take on an individual in my profession, but I have also experienced it myself.   The emotions can start at the very thought of divorce and continue well after the divorce is final. Over the last 26-years, I have learned how to help people navigate their emotions at each stage of the process and to help them to avoid making permanent decisions based on temporary emotions. 

So whether you’re thinking of it, in it or have gone through it, I want to help. 

Connecting with clients, helping clients navigate their emotions and helping individuals and/or couples create a plan for an exceptional future has truly become my passion and advocacy.

Then look no further than Lorie D. Wood Spiers!