Not all challenges in a relationship can be tackled alone. In fact, more couples than ever before are seeking external help when going through a rough patch in their relationship. If you currently find yourself going through a difficult time in your relationship, follow our advice listed below to talk to your spouse about getting help together.

Work to Identify the Root Cause of the Problem

One of the biggest challenges for couples going through a rough patch is identifying the cause of the troubles they are facing. It can often be hard to figure this out alone, which is why we recommend considering working with a professional. If your spouse is unsure about speaking to someone outside of your relationship, you’ll want to share with them the potential advantages of working with a coach or counsellor. Finding the root cause of your challenges is often one of the biggest benefits, and you’ll find that you’ll learn how to effectively communicate and overcome this challenge with external help.

Remind Them of How Much You Care

It’s always a good sign if you are willing to put time and effort into fixing your relationship. Remind your partner of how much you care for them and how you just want to restore your relationship to what it was in the past. Coaching or Counselling is something that many people have never used before, but it can help you to improve communication and break free from the rough patch you are currently in. By reminding your partner that coaching or counseling is only going to strengthen your relationship and that it’s not the start of your divorce proceedings, they will be more likely to agree to give it a try.

Share the Benefits of Getting Help

Many people don’t understand why they would turn to a coach or counselor, particularly if they are a very private person. Sharing the benefits of working with a licensed professional can help to make this task seem less daunting for your partner. Remind them of other people you may know who have successfully worked with a professional so that you have real-life examples of couples overcoming a rough patch. Coaches and Counsellors always offer a confidential service, so remind your partner that anything you say within their office won’t be repeated to any of your friends or family members in the future.

Discuss the Different Types of Help on Offer

The great news about seeking help for your relationship is that there are now many different options being offered. In fact, the pandemic has led to an increase in video calling and text-based coaching and counseling. For anyone who is reluctant to speak to someone face-to-face, discuss the various options offered. This can help to make your partner more relaxed about seeking help when they see that there’s a solution to fit their personality and communication style.

Talking to your spouse during a rough patch about seeking help is never an easy task, but it could be the thing that saves your relationship for good. The quicker you get help, the more likely you are to save your relationship, so we encourage you to have this conversation as soon as possible when going through a difficult time in your partnership.